This year The Flint Monarchs have developed “Youth Fitness for Life” which is our health and fitness mentoring program. The program itself will expose participants to a mix of the following; Fitness Activities, Nutritional Information, College Preparation Information, Professional/Amateur Mentoring, and Skill Development.

Goals of Project: Motivate and train student athletes to master fitness, and eating healthy. Provide students with information on how to receive college scholarships . Mentor students on the importance of preventing drug use, teen-pregnancy, and not becoming a high school dropout. Goal setting and good study habits. Partner with Colleges for students to be exposed to possible scholarship opportunities.

Strategic Plan
: Students will participate in a 8 to 9 weeks program where they will meet with professional athletes twice a week to learn; fitness training strategies, learning the importance of eating healthy, gaining information on scholarship opportunities, be mentored by professional athletes, attend Flint Monarchs home basketball games.

Expected Outcomes
: Student athletes will experience 8 to 9 weeks of a positive mentoring program, receiving quality information on how to become a successful student athlete and eventually use these skills to enter into college by way of full scholarship. And to become a person focused on their goals, and how to live a disciplined healthy lifestyle.


For more information please call: 989-545-0569 or contact us at the form below.